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Dragonfly brings the magic of cinema to digital video. We create high quality productions for private and public sector companies and organisations that want exceptional results without exorbitant price tags. Our core production team has quickly grown to become a trusted provider of targeted media content for some of the most influential brands and organisations in the world.

Every project we undertake is underpinned by a strategic goal.  We look at exactly what you need to achieve and ensure that our creative process is 100% aligned with it.

Understanding What You Need

Underpinning your global corporate responsibility strategy with highly effective and memorable animated content


[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design06″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_main=”#ffffff” color_txt_main=”#000000″ color_bg_highlight=”#766385″ color_txt_highlight=”#ffffff” package_heading=”What will it cost?” package_price=”8,900 Euro” package_unit=”Per video” package_link=”|title:terms|”]Concept and creative design service


Stunning Background Artwork Based on Real Hilton hotel Locations

Character Animation/physics in line with key inspiration Disney’s Paperman


A bespoke composed score

Foley sound artistry (sound effects)[/ultimate_pricing]

Scripting: 1 Week

During this phase, we work closely with you to discover what exactly it is you want to convey and our talented writers will put their linguistic credentials to action – to create engaging, informative content that speaks directly to your target audience.

Storyboarding: 1 Week

Once the script is approved, we will assign an animator who best suits the project to create the visual elements – offering you a chance to review the visual narrative with a storyboard, and the visual style with a style frame. It is an opportunity to thoroughly consider the most effective style precepts, and the aim is to take the element of uncertainty out of the animation process.

Animation: 2-4 Weeks

At this point, we take all the elements we have collaboratively prepared, and put them into action. By the end of this phase, we will be left with an animation that achieves all of your aims, and works hard for you.

Post-production: 1 Week

This phase is where we take all our beautiful assets and craft them into a narrative. Our talented editors are storytellers at heart – from the first frame to the last we always aim to hook the viewer, and leave them with a strong, positive impression. This phase includes music, sound effects and voiceover.

Case Study

Animation project for Imperial College Business School

This series of animated videos is intended to give prospective students a flavour of the different programs of study on offer at Imperial College Business School.

The people you'll be working with!


Eddie | Scriptwriter

A wordsmith with a genuine skill. Delivering clear, concise and engaging copy.

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Paul | Producer

A keystone in the Dragonfly team. Responsible for spinning plates and juggling multiple moving parts.

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Nehir | Producer

The most organised person in our team, planning projects through to the finest of details.

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James | Account Manager

Caring for and guiding our clients. Was either a doctor or a lighthouse keeper in a past life.

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Charlie Southall Dragonfly

Charlie | Director

Bangs on about pictures being worth a thousand words.

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Jana | Coordinator

Known around the office for her endless supply of nibbles and Slovakian good-sense.

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Viktorija | Coordinator

The quick-footed messenger and bearer of tea that keeps everyone going.

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Sam | Post-Production

The guy that fixes it in post! Can normally be found between the coffee-station and the edit suite.

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